This drives you.

Your laboratory is essential for delivering the insights required to stay ahead of patient care. It’s what drives you. To that end, efficiency is paramount. And so is speed.

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Automation drives that.

Automation is a necessity for any laboratory striving to meet the ever-evolving demands of today. That’s why 70% of surveyed hospitals were looking into automation to improve laboratory performance.*

Today’s demands are pushing healthcare to its limits.

Your hospital is looking to treat more people, and you’re probably working with less. In fact, people are using today’s healthcare system more than they ever have before.
Healthcare Consumption
Increase in consumption since 2000
Technicians per year
Promised savings per year by commercial laboratories

Why Beckman Coulter?

Achieve laboratory excellence with our unique combination of innovation, business expertise, and 80 years of experience in the field of clinical diagnostics. Discover the Beckman Coulter Difference.

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And there’s more you “shouldn’t” have to do.

Having a tight budget shouldn't
affect your lab's performance.

The demand for faster TATs shouldn’t
compromise the quality of your results.

Being more productive shouldn’t
be at the expense of consistency.

Don’t let your drive get into the danger zone.

Our resources and information can help keep it on track.

Our experts are here to bring you the performance and support that you need. Our tools, articles and resources have been developed to help you maintain your drive, all while taking your laboratory anywhere you want it to go.

Create the Laboratory of the Future

How do you get in front of tomorrow’s challenges and stay ahead of the curve?

DxA 5000 What Drives You
A baby with 40°C fever – is that an emergency?
DxA 5000 What Drives You
Why laboratory results are so important for accident victims with bleeding shock
DxA 5000 What Drives You
Faster and more efficient laboratory results with automation systems

Evolve Your Laboratory’s Intelligence

Did you know that automation can be synchronized with middleware
to make even more intelligent decisions?

DxA 5000 What Drives You
The benefits of synchronizing middleware with total laboratory automation
DxA 5000 What Drives You
Intelligent tube routing in lab automation can improve turnaround times
DxA 5000 What Drives You
A journey from tube to patient-focused

Integrated Workcell Limitations

Article Exploring Integrated Workcells as an Automation Solution

Today’s labs are overburdened and in search of total laboratory automation solutions. Integrated workcells alone are incapable of delivering the end-to-end workflow optimization that is required to significantly improve laboratory performance, which leaves laboratories unwittingly exposed to numerous risks.

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