Total Plus Service Agreement

Total Plus is Beckman Coulter’s most comprehensive hardware service plan available for most instruments and systems. It includes unlimited emergency repair, comprehensive preventive maintenance, replacement parts, engineering reliability upgrades, and firmware updates. Total Plus coverage also provides web-based support and privileged call center entitlements.

Additionally, flexible options (see Agreement Comparison Chart) can be added such as Centrifuge Rotor Coverage, Instrument Certification, and Operation Qualification for regulatory compliance.

The Beckman Coulter Total Plus Support Agreement protects your investment by providing:

  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE provides full service support for your instrument. Budgeting is simplified as service costs are fixed for the duration of the agreement. Order processing is minimized.
  • UNLIMITED EMERGENCY SERVICE with no additional charges for on-site labor, travel time, or travel expenses during Beckman Coulter's normal business hours. Request for emergency service are prioritized for agreement customers.
  • SCHEDULED PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CALLS (PMCs) increase instrument reliability and performance. Thorough PMC procedures including cleaning, inspecting, adjustments, and calibration to published factory specifications. Minor problems are corrected to prevent catastrophic failures that jeopardize valuable samples and lab productivity.
  • REPLACEMENT PARTS no charge for replacement parts, which become marginal or defective due to normal use during agreement period. UV lamp coverage is also available. Beckman Coulter service engineers carry a stock of commonly used parts for timely instrument repairs. Additional parts are obtained from Beckman Coulter's computerized service inventory, which provides immediate access to over 640,000 OEM parts. All factory-rebuilt parts are decontaminated as an additional safety factor.
  • ENGINEERING RELIABILITY UPGRADE/FIRMWARE UPDATES are included and are installed without charge during the preventive maintenance visit. Engineering Reliability Upgrades/Firmware Updates enhance instrument performance and reliability. Beckman Coulter's service engineers are informed of these enhancements and will automatically update your instrumentation.
  • FACTORY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED SERVICE ENGINEERS perform all service repairs. Beckman Coulter personnel are continuously trained on the latest instrument technology, product improvements, software, and accessories.
  • SERVICE ENGINEERS LOCATED NATIONWIDE to ensure fast and efficient service response. Beckman Coulter service teams are staffed to provide constant service coverage during periods of engineer training, vacation, and illness.