Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Chemistry analyzers are medical laboratory devices used to calculate the concentration of certain substances within samples of serum, plasma, urine and/or other body fluids. Substances analyzed through these instruments include certain metabolites, electrolytes, proteins, and/or drugs.   Beckman Coulter offers a variety of scalable clinical chemistry analyzers, all of which can help optimize your laboratory’s uptime, reliability and performance.

In today's changing healthcare climate, laboratories around the world are challenged to elevate patient care and reduce operating costs at the same time. The low cost of ownership of our clinical chemistry analyzers helps laboratories achieve their goals and manage resources effectively without compromising quality.

  • Discover scalable solutions for laboratories of all sizes. No matter your laboratory's size, there is a clinical chemistry system that matches your testing needs
  • Standardize processes. Our entire family of clinical chemistry analyzers features standardized test menus, assay protocols, instrument processes and reference ranges that reduce operator variation and provide consistent quality results

Scalable Solutions for All Laboratories

AU480 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

DxC 500 AU

Optimize your operations, protect your productivity and trust your results.

Low Volume

  • 400 tests/hour
  • 800 with ISE tests/hour
  • 84 (12 racks x 7 samples), 22 samples by carousel
  • Physician Office Laboratory
  • Hospital Laboratory
  • Integrated Delivery Network
Beckman Coulter DxC 700 AU Clinical Chemistry Analyzer for medium size laboratories

DxC 700 AU

Achieve maximal uptime, high reliability, and precise performance with the latest clinical chemistry analyzer from Beckman Coulter

Mid Volume

  • 800/1,200 with ISE
  • 150 (15 racks x 10 samples), 22 samples by carousel
  • Core Laboratory
  • Hospital Laboratory
  • Integrated Delivery Network
AU5800 Series Clinical Chemistry Analyzers for high to ultra high volume laboratories

AU 5800 Series

Increase productivity with continuous operation, powerful throughput and scalable capacity up to four modules. 

High to Ultra High Volume

  • Up to 8,000 test/hour
  • Up to 9,800 test/hour with dual ISE
  • 400 samples (2 x 20 rack set)
  • Hospital Laboratory
  • Reference Laboratory

Specialized Assays for Improved Patient Care

HbA1c Advanced Assay

Receive precise, clinically relevant results for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes with the HbA1c Advanced* assay. Have greater confidence in results with enhanced performance that offers a total precision of ≤2%CV or SD ≤0.13% HbA1c (NGSP). With the HbA1c Advanced assay, laboratories can focus on improving patient care and streamlining workflows.

Procalcitonin Assay

The Procalcitonin2,3 (PCT) assay is intended for the quantitative determination of PCT in human serum, EDTA or lithium heparin plasma. Measurement of PCT in conjunction with other laboratory findings and clinical assessments aids in the risk assessment of critically ill patients on their first day of ICU admission for progression to severe sepsis and septic shock.

Clinical Chemistry Education on Your Schedule

Learn insights to elevate your performance and advance patient care.


Journal Article Multicenter Evaluation of Analytical Performance of the AU5822 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Examine the evidence showing consistent performance, linearity and correlation of the AU5822 analyzer across three independent institutions.

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1. Number varies by number of connected AU 5800 units

2. Product not available in all regions. Please contact your local Beckman Coulter representative for more information.

3. Manufactured by Diazyme Laboratories