DxI 9000 Access
Immunoassay Analyzer

We created time for you to focus on what matters most.
The award-winning DxI 9000 Analyzer sets a new standard for today’s busy labs. With meaningful innovations that amplify your impact, liberate you from the laborious, and power your performance across your health system, this high-throughput immunoassay analyzer takes diagnostics to the next level.

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With More Time, You Could Do Anything. So We Questioned Everything.

What if daily maintenance was off your plate? What if errors were detected earlier? What if your technology was more instructional than intimidating?
With the DxI 9000 analyzer, you don't have to wonder.

ZeroDaily Maintenance

Eliminate daily maintenance to
amplify productivity

PrecisionVision Technology

More automated safeguards than other systems available on the market today

SimpleSolve Onboard Guide

Has your back 24/7 with step-by-step instructions to keep things moving with less stress and more control

Reimagine What's Possible With Industry-Leading Quality and Performance

Surging test volumes? We’ve got you covered. The DxI 9000 analyzer’s industry-leading high throughput (up to 450 tests per hour), optimized reagent consumption, and improved yields and traceability accelerate answers and amplify productivity.

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We designed efficiency into every corner of the instrument to help you make a greater impact in fewer steps. After all, if it doesn't add value, it doesn't belong in your workflow.

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Video Case Study: Optimizing Laboratory Efficiency at University Hospital Morecambe Bay (UK) with the DxI 9000 Analyzer

At Morecambe Bay University Hospital, Dr. Andrew Brown and Janet Eglin rely heavily on the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer to optimize the efficiency and precision of their laboratory testing. This case study highlights their personal experience with the DxI 9000 analyzer and the positive impact it has on their daily laboratory work

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Video Testimonial: Mayo University Hospital (UK) Finds Success with DxI 9000 Analyzer

Learn how the DxI 9000 analyzer streamlines workflows and frees up valuable time for medical staff to focus on essential tasks at Mayo University Hospital. An accompanying interview will highlight the challenges faced by laboratory staff and shed light on how the DxI 9000 analyzer helps address them. Immerse yourself in the world of modern diagnostics and learn first-hand how the DxI 9000 analyzer is shaping the future of laboratory medicine!

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Video Testimonial: Mayo Minimizes Downtime with the DxI 9000 Analyzer’s SimpleSolve Onboard Guide

At Mayo University Hospital in the United Kingdom, Ray Divilley, medical and scientific director, and his staff share their experience with the groundbreaking SimpleSolve Onboard Guide feature integrated into the DxI 9000 analyzer. In an accompanying interview, they explain how the onboard guide supports them 24/7 with step-by-step instructions to help them get their work done with less stress and more control. Discover how Mayo University Hospital has minimized downtime and resolved system malfunctions quickly and independently thanks to the DxI 9000 analyzer.

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Video Testimonial: Mayo Introduces PrecisionVision Technology on the DxI 9000 Analyzer

In this video, users at Mayo University Hospital highlight the cutting-edge features of PrecisionVision Technology on the DxI 9000 analyzer! The innovative, patented image processing technology detects and reports processing errors in real time, enabling rapid correction of the process and optimizing speed, reliability, and accuracy. The DxI 9000 analyzer's PrecisionVision Technology is revolutionizing laboratory diagnostics with more automated safety systems than other instruments on the market. Discover what makes PrecisionVision Technology a real asset to Mayo University Hospital!

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Video Testimonial: Mayo Introduces ZeroDaily Maintenance on the DxI 9000 Analyzer

See first-hand how the ZeroDaily Maintenance of the DxI 9000 analyzer’s ZeroDaily Maintenance feature is benefiting laboratory operations at Mayo University Hospital. An accompanying interview will explain how this innovative technology eliminates daily maintenance, significantly increasing productivity. With less than 15 minutes of cleaning per week, you save valuable time and can fully concentrate on your analysis and the essentials.

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